Chedz Chocolate Pecan Dates Eggs – Courtesy of Susan Hall

If you LOVE dates, you will love them with Chedz, chocolate and pecans.  Try these “eggs” for different occasions such as Easter.  You can mix up the sprinkles to your liking with coconut, nuts, sprinkles and whatever you can dream up!  Your guests will find a delicious surprise in every bite!



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Chedz Chocolate Dates Pecan Eggs - Courtesy of Susan Hall
  1. Select 6 short Chedz sticks from the bag. Use the Medjool Dates as a length reference.
  2. Cut each Medjool Dates lengthwise and take out the pit. Do not cut all the way through the dates.
  3. Smear almond butter inside each Medjool Date.
  4. Stuff 1 pecan half in each date.
  5. Stuff 1 Chedz sticks in each date.
  6. Carefully close the dates together and form an egg like shape by trying to seal the top together as closely as possibly. It is ok if the Chedz sticks breaks inside.
  7. Put the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a microwavable safe bowl and microwave on high for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Stir until smooth. If the chocolate chips have not fully melted, put back in the microwave and heat for another 30 seconds, watching to ensure that it does not burn.
  8. Dip each date in the chocolate, allowing any excess chocolate to drip back into the bowl, then carefully place the date on a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  9. Sprinkle the tops of the dates with preferred toppings to taste.
  10. Put the dates in the refrigerator to allow chocolate to set up. Serve when ready. The Chedz may get mushy in the refrigerator for an extended amount of time so it is recommended that the chocolates are consumed timely. But, you shouldn't have any problems making these treats disappear quickly! 🙂
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