Chedz Cheese and Ham Sandwiches – Courtesy of Grant Hall
  • 12Sticks Chedz (Any Flavor)More or less depending on number of desired sandwiches
  • 12Pieces CheeseAny flavor cut into quarters
  • 12Pieces HamOr preferred meats such as turkey cut into similar quarters as cheese
  • Optional ToothpicksUse if preferred
  1. Cut cheese into 4 quarters to equal 24 pieces (if making 12 sandwiches); more or less if preferred.
  2. Cut ham or desired meat into similar quarter pieces to equal 12; more or less if preferred.
  3. To assemble: place piece of cheese on the bottom, add meat, add Chedz sticks, add cheese. Insert toothpick if using. Repeat for the remainder 11 sandwiches or desired number.